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That Fateful Wednesday

So, what exactly happened on that fateful Wednesday? You already know that we showed the house four times, but I feel like I should go into a little more detail.

Like I said, the house was put online Monday at 11 PM. Tuesday morning, our Realtor called me and said that we had the first showing scheduled for Wednesday night at 6:30 PM. Wednesday morning, we woke up to a text from Mr. Realtor that said he had a couple that he had been working with for awhile and they also wanted to come see the house Wednesday night…before the other couple.

Now, our dear little blue house is far from “perfect.” First of all, it’s a barn style house and it’s painted bright blue and it’s located on the one and only dirt road in Abbeville county. Dennis and I love our little house terribly much, but we felt like it would probably take someone special to want to buy it, so the fact that two couples wanted to come see it and were “excited about it” was amazing to us.

Wednesday, I was diligently cleaning and making sure everything was perfect when dear Mr. Realtor called again. He said another realtor just called him and said that she was showing a couple a house in Donalds and saw our house and wanted to show it to them while they were in the area…in 15-20 minutes. Now, this was before lunch, I was still in my pajamas and my hair was still very much undone. I frantically got dressed and ran around putting everything in its place and hoping that they didn’t notice that I hadn’t swept the floors yet.

I remember very vividly on my way home praying that God would send someone to buy the house that would love it as much as I do. Like I said, it’s not the perfect house, but I love everything about it. My bright pink dining room, the fact that I only have to clean four windows, all my flowering trees…

Now, on with the story! There is still one more showing that is unaccounted for! Well, it turns out that the couple who surprised me, liked it so much that they wanted to bring their parents back to see it that night.

Dennis and I hopped in the truck that evening very anxious and unsure why we were feeling that way. I told Dennis that I felt like there were strangers in my house, picking apart it apart and I couldn’t even be there to defend it. It felt sort of like my whole life and everything dear to me was on display for people I didn’t even know.

We tried to go out to eat, but neither of us were hungry and only ate about half of our food. Then we just drove around awhile thinking and talking and praying.

Our Realtor called us while we were still driving around and the conversation went something like this: Mr. Dennis! How are you? Good, good. How are you? Oh, I’m good. So, I was wondering…do you think three offers will be enough?

THREE OFFERS!!! In one night!!! We didn’t know what to think! Mr. Realtor was even amazed. He said he didn’t remember the last time he had three offers on one house. We cried and called our families and thanked God. It seemed very much like God was saying “It’s about time you got your tushes up to Indiana!”

Now, the next dilemma was: how on earth would we know which one we were supposed to pick!? More praying……..

And, my friends, I’m afraid that I must stop there for now. As you can see, God already is working in amazing ways through this whole adventure and I have a feeling that He’s not even close to being done. At this point, Dennis doesn’t have work and we don’t have a house. But, I really don’t think that will be a problem for God. Until next time……………………


One comment on “That Fateful Wednesday

  1. Racheal B
    April 16, 2012

    NOTHING EVER is a problem for God.. he has you right where he wants you!! BY FAITH!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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