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And the Amazingness Continues

Four viewings in one day, less then two days after putting the house on the market is amazing. Three offers in one night is amazing. But, I’m afraid the amazingness isn’t over quite yet.

You see, as it turns out, we knew the second couple that came to see our little blue house. I grew up with her. Went to Church with her. Played with her. Got thrown off of her pony. 🙂 Nathan and Mandy Hostetler were interested in our house!

And, oh, how badly we wanted them to have it. We decided, in order to make everything fair that we wanted the offers to be anonymous when the Realtor showed them to us. We prayed over and over that we would pick the right offer. Not only did we want the best price, but we also prayed that we would pick someone who wouldn’t give us a lot of problems and someone who would really love the house.

Friday evening at 5;30 was the time set to meet with Mr. Realtor and go over all the offers. I spent the whole day praying for wisdom and asking that if it were God’s will, we would pick Nathan and Mandy.

Mr. Realtor came and showed us all the offers. One went out right away and we looked more closely at the two that were left. We finally picked one and the Realtor looked at us and said, “well, that was your buddy’s.” Then we all just sat there a little looking shocked.

You see, Mr. Realtor just so happens to be a Christian and he’s been working with Nathan and Mandy for awhile and he also knew our side of the story, so when we picked their offer without even knowing which one was theirs, he was just as amazed and emotional as we were. We all three shed a few tears.

To put into words how all of this felt seems impossible. We all know that God has His hand in our lives, but to see that so vividly is indescribable.

Right now, we feel slightly like Abraham probably did when God told him to go and he didn’t know where to go. We do know where we’re going, but we don’t have a house and Dennis doesn’t have a job yet. But with everything that God has already done (He sold our house in a whole FOUR days!), there is no doubt in my mind that He will take care of everything else.

House!? Job!? That’s nothing for God!


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