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my adventures in northern indiana

What Packing Looks Like


Today has consisted of making multiple trips to get boxes, getting the wrong boxes, getting more boxes that are still the wrong boxes and starting to pack while being unsure if these boxes are useable or not. Did you follow all of that? Let’s just say that today was less productive then I thought it would be.

But somehow I still feel like I at least started something. I have never enjoyed waiting and I have been itching to start on the long to-do list that is forming in my head, so the fact that I started, even a little, feels good to me.

This whole thing is a full on adventure and the beauty of adventures is that they never go as planned….which is actually why I don’t like adventures! BUT, I am doing my best to embrace the journey God has put us on, even the bunny trails that we go off on at times (yes, the whole boxes thing was a bunny trail!). I plan to look back on everything years from now with a smile on my face and talk about how God took care of everything because even bunny trails on adventures have a silver lining.

Now, if you will excuse me, I think I shall go pack another wrong box just because I want to! 🙂

P.S. please excuse my posts if they are less then perfect, I now have to post from my phone and options are limited on my phone.


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