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The lasts have begun

And the beginning of the long list of last’s has begun. Today is my last time cleaning for this particular lady. This, like so many other things, is bitter sweet. I have learned to love all of my cleaning ladies and would consider them friends. However, I am also feeling the excitement of all the new beginnings.

My cleaning ladies are so special. Macky and Joni live their lives focused on their “grand babies,” helping others and loving each other. Their house shows the wear and tear of a healthy family who is continuing to grow and continuing to enjoy each other.

Dave and Marie live a quiet, peaceful life. They haven’t had the easiest time of it, though. Marie had a brain tumor a couple years ago and Dave had to have open heart surgery the beginning of this year. Dave has always reminded me of my Grandpa Miller; that, along with the fact that they have a clock that plays the same tune as the one Grandma and Grandpa have always had, makes this job special to me. And, I can’t forget to mention their precious Chihuahua/beagle whose name is Pita, which stands for Pain In The…tush. 🙂

And then there’s Bev (dear, sweet Bev) and her husband, Bob, who, I promise, has ADHD. 🙂 They were unable to have children and have been such a blessing and encouragement to me. They helped raise Bob’s nephews who didn’t have the best family life, and they did it willingly and with joy. I will always think of this couple with great fondness.

I just started cleaning for Rosemarie and Fred. I’ll have cleaned for them a whole three times when I leave. Marie, Bev and Rosemarie are all friends. They tell each other everything and probably talk to each other on the phone everyday. They’re a sweet little gaggle of women. 🙂

Last, but not least is Jerry. Y’all might remember me asking for prayer for a lady the beginning of this year. Luster had Lou Gehrig’s disease. She was one of the most generous people I have ever know. She always paid me extra and always gave me a hug even when she wasn’t feeling good. Jerry is lost without Luster and is still trying to deal with it. He’s kind and quiet and still gets tears in his eyes when I ask him how he’s doing.

So, you have now been officially introduced to my cleaning people. I told you I had the best ladies ever! 🙂 I will miss all of these wonderful people, but I am excited to see what else God has for me. Maybe it’ll be cleaning and maybe it won’t! 🙂 Now…I’m off to get more boxes! Maybe this time I can get the right ones!


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