Into the Tundra

my adventures in northern indiana

Those Moments


Dennis and I have often talked about those moments when you look across the table and think “oh my word, I’m married!” We call them “I can’t believe I’m married moments.” And after almost five years together, we still have them.

The reason I’m saying that is because we have now found ourselves having “I can’t believe I’m moving moments!”

I’ll be packing and suddenly my heart will start pounding and I’ll get all sweaty…..okay, not quite bad, but it does seem rather unreal at times.

Not that these moments are a bad thing. I think they might actually be good. A nice, little reality check in the middle of all the business. My poor brain is so fried that if it weren’t for those moments, I probably wouldn’t even realize that we’re moving until we got there.

And I’m not exaggerating! I keep forgetting to write out grocery lists then I just wonder around Aldi for forever trying to figure out what I need. We’ve been living on anything that can be made in fifteen minutes or less; and if it can be microwaved, its even better! Poor Dennis!

So, between a fried brain and “oh snap! I’m moving” moments, it’s been rather interesting around the little blue house lately. Thankfully, good humor is in high abundance around here and we’ve been laughing a lot.

Now, I think I may have just had another moment because I am feeling the need to go pack…….


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