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my adventures in northern indiana

The Journey

I will never think of Memorial Day the same ever again! While most people were home with their families have fun and eating hamburgers, we were loading up and driving!

Saturday, Dennis and I drove up to Anderson to pick up the Penske truck. We were able to get the truck earlier then planned so were started loading around 9:00. Dennis and I wanted to have everything in the truck except big furniture before Dana’s got there. I was very thankful it was morning and still somewhat cool…I was also thankful for the head start so we didn’t have to hurry quite so much. We got everything done and even had some time to rest before Dana’s pulled in.

They got there a little before 2:00 (I think) and the guys jumped right in and started loading furniture. It didn’t take them long at all! After they had the upstairs furniture in the truck, us women started cleaning and before we knew it, we were done.

We went to bed that night with the plans to leave the house at 2 AM. We had a few things that needed put in their different places before we left so we woke up and got busy. And we pulled out of the driveway at exactly 2.

I could tell you all about the tears that were shed and the feelings that were felt and the thoughts that were thought, but I’ll save you all that. Let’s just say that all the tears, feelings and thoughts that I hadn’t had time to deal with before suddenly came out. I think I may have scared some people! 🙂

Then started fifteen hours of driving! Fifteen LONG hours of driving! It actually went really good, I just plan on writing Penske a long letter really soon about how uncomfortable their seats are! My back hurt, my shoulders hurt, my arms hurt, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt…even my toes hurt! And I was just sitting! I can’t imagine how Dennis felt.

But, like I said, it went really good. There were some nail biting times, like driving through Cincinnati. I spent that whole time with my eyes closed so I wouldn’t scream and praying “God please help us! Please don’t let us wreck! Please help Dennis drive!” over and over.

Finally we pulled into the campground! We parked everything, leveled the camper and slept!

Monday morning we took the big truck to the storage facility and unloaded everything.

And that is pretty much the story of the move. It was a crazy couple of days and words cannot describe the level of exhaustion. I’ve told Dennis many times that I don’t care if I absolutely hate it in Indiana, I NEVER want to move out of state EVER again! 🙂

But I really don’t hate it here. The more I see, the more I am learning to like it. I mean, how can you not like a town that smells like homemade dough nuts all the time!?

So that is the story of our journey from South Carolina to Indiana. God once again took care of everything and kept us safe and we are very thankful for that. We are also very thankful for the help from Dana, Violet, Wendell and Sara. We cannot thank y’all enough! And thank you all of you who were praying for us…we certainly felt them!


2 comments on “The Journey

  1. Janelle Groff Weaver
    May 30, 2012

    I know the feeling of never wanting to move again. Our trip to Wyoming was less than fun. My morning sickness returned after being gone for several weeks…we had rain, and then snow and extremely icy roads in Nebraska. It was miserable. A month after we moved out here, we moved again into another house and I am so sick of moving. I just wish we could stay in this house FOREVER and never have to move again. But that’s not really possible since we can only stay here a year….let’s hope my attitude changes till then!
    Glad you made it safely though…and I hope that you make LOTS of new, good friends in Indiana. Before you know it, it’ll be HOME!

  2. mrsmiller714
    May 30, 2012

    Oh, bless your heart, Janelle! I wasn’t feeling the greatest while we traveled, but it wasn’t morning sickness. And I’ve told Dennis many times that I’m not sure how we could have done it if we had kids. As for the moving part, we’re in a camper so we’ll be halfish moving hopefully soon and that’ll be renting so there will be once more at least after that. But yeah…Dennis and I grew up so different when it comes to that. His family has moved over 20 times and my parents are still in their first house. Dennis sees moving as an adventure and I could have stayed in the blue house for forever. But he knows that I’m like that and he’s trying his best to find something that will be a little more permanent. But anyway…I hope y’all don’t have to move too many more times and that the next times goes REALLY good for you!

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