Into the Tundra

my adventures in northern indiana

Time Marches on…

This dear, little blog of mine has been quite neglected for the past year! Deary me…I must find more interesting things to inform people of so it doesn’t feel quite so lonely. Well, what have I to say now? Dennis and I are a good bit past the one year anniversary of moving to The Tundra. We have settled in and we are loving life. Our lives have been quite full the past year as you probably know if you are friends with us on Facebook.

DSCN0691November 2012 was when Dennis had his seizure. The scariest thing I have ever been through so far and yet, whenever I think about it, I see how God had His hand in every little detail that happened that night. For those wondering how Dennis is, his seizures are controlled by medication. He had another type of seizure for a couple years before this and it just suddenly turned into big ones. But he’s doing really good and I thank God every day that it wasn’t/isn’t worse.

This spring, we added two new in laws to the Miller family. It has been slightly odd to see the family change, but it has also been really, really good. God has blessed me with some amazing in laws!

And since I don’t have time to write about every single awesome thing that happened this year, I’ll fast forward to this past weekend. Dennis and I went out to PA to spend some time with my family. The main purpose of this trip was to be able to spend some time with my Grandpa Miller. Grandpa has had cancer for the past 5 years and now has it in his bones. Its all rather complicated and I really don’t do well remembering medical stuff, so I’ll just say that he’s not doing well. Honestly, at this point, I’m praying that God would take him soon, maybe in his sleep, before the pain really hits. It’s awful to know that someone you love is going through something so horrible and you can’t do anything to help. Thankfully, I have a God who cares and I get to talk to Him whenever I’m feeling helpless.

Anyway…the weekend was really, really good! There was time spent exploring woods,DSCN0775 eating, talking and just being together. It’s funny to me how as we’re all getting older, we’re growing even closer together. I love it. My family is awesome.

Well…now I must finish all this jabbering and go clean my brand new ((to me, that is)) car, in which I am well pleased. 🙂 Adios!


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