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The Bad Mennonite Wife

DSCN0641I have discovered something about myself in the last couple of years. This particular something has been majorly reaffirmed this summer. That revelation is this: I am NOT a good “Mennonite Wife.” I’m just not…

I like to grow things, but not food. I don’t know how to can and have no desire to learn. Even though I don’t mind cooking, I’d rather it take a half an hour instead of two hours. Probably, things would be different if I had children, but I don’t so I’m happy being untypical little me…and even more happy that I have a husband who loves the way I am.

Dennis and I were very excited about having a garden this year. We tried once in South Carolina and it did NOT go well. But in the North…the TUNDRA…you just pop a seed in and it grows! We were excited. Amazingly enough, our garden was a little too plentiful for two people to eat everything before it went bad (see…I don’t can!). Lot’s of things got given away and this naughty, little Mennonite wife actually threw some of it away because it went bad before we could eat it! Shocking, I know! Of course, the weeds grow just as plentiful as the produce and we’ll just leave that saying – PLEASE do not come look at my garden!

By the end of the summer, Mr. Miller and I laughed at ourselves and decided that having a garden wasn’t for us; and I added that to the list of things that makes me such a bad “Mennonite Wife.” But…I have learned to love the things that make me different (and trust me, there are MANY more then just this!). And I have come to realize that every person does things differently and that is perfectly okay.

So…if you garden and can and cook meals that take 12 hours to prepare…I am honestly proud of you because that just ain’t my thang! :p BUT…I do make my own laundry soap, so maybe that makes up for it just a little. 🙂


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