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Scrapbooking 1.0

I have discovered in the last couple of years that I am very much like my mother. I love my mom, so I don’t at all consider this a bad thing. I also think I’m pretty cool and have embraced my weirdness (although, my mom’s not at all weird, so I’m not sure where I got that!) But, I have discovered that one of the things I’ve inherited from my mother is a need to create things. I get this pinched feeling in that spot…you know, that spot right there…and I know I just HAVE to go create things! One of the things that relieves the pinched feeling is photography (my very amateur version of it) and scrapbooking. So, I decided, what they hey…I’ll blog about scrapbooking. Since this blog is mine, I can do that even if no one finds it interesting! (this blog thing is getting more and more fun all the time! :p) So, scrapbooking……

I have a very simple scrapbook style. My favorite things are paper and rub-ons. I love one page, one photo layouts or two page layouts that have a lot of “space.” I want the focal point of my layouts to be my pictures, but I also want the page to look nice. There was a magazine called Simple Scrapbooks out when I first got married (they are no longer in publication) that really inspired me. I LOVED that magazine and saved every copy I got (and some of Carm’s). I’m still sad that magazine isn’t around any more.Image^ This is a two page layout I did recently.

Some ladies PLAN layouts. Lay things out and rearrange them and add things and take things away. Some ladies take hours on one page. And that’s perfectly fine and dandy, but I take maybe a half hour. I am not meticulous…I just throw things down and move on to the next scrap of paper. But somehow, this speedy and rather sloppy process works for me.

DSCN0793(<this is a one page layout I did of a camping trip Mr. Miller and I went on) So, yes, I enjoy scrapbooking. I love seeing scraps of this and that put together to make something that looks beautiful. I love keeping track of memories made. I love showcasing my little attempts of photography. I never really know what I’m doing, all I know is that I enjoy it!




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