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Two Black and White Speckled Chickens

I may just be crazy. Actually, I’m pretty sure I am crazy, and I’ve accepted and embraced that fact. Although, this latest idea of mine might just put me over the edge of cute/fun crazy into just down right crazy!

I have decided that I want chickens. Chickens!? I’ve already established that gardening and cooking and all the sweet, little domestic-type things aren’t really my niche. But chickens I think I can do. I just want two. Two laying hens. Two of the black and white speckled ones. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted black and white speckled chickens.

Now, I’ve recently come to realize that I have a slight allergy to eggs, so my reason for wanting chickens isn’t so I can eat fresh eggs. Just the thought of that makes my stomach swim! See, I’m one of those crazy people who just likes animals (I get that from my father…my mother has NO crazy in her, whatsoever! ;)) and I think chickens would be fun! Can’t you just imagine two speckled chickens pecking around my yard!?

Then came the part where I had to convince the husband. The husband likes animals, but he’s not quite as crazy as I am. (Well, he’s just as crazy, just in different ways.) So, I told him that if he let me have two black and white speckled laying chickens, I would get up every morning and make him two eggs. Now, he knows me very well, and he knows that I really do not like mornings, and I really do not like getting up early. And most of the time, even if I do have good intentions the night before about getting up, it’s a little too easy for me to give in to the sleepiness that doesn’t seem to go away even after the alarm rings. So, knowing all of this, it was rather difficult for Mr. Miller to believe that I would actually get up in the morning and make him two eggs, fresh from the speckled chickens. I then declared that I would start now (insert shocked expression on the face of said Mister)!

So, I am now getting up bright and early (at 5:00) and making two (not fresh) eggs for The Mister. Along with toast. And he would like to add bacon to the menu. And to be quite honest, (although this is just day two) I am quite enjoying myself. It gives me extra time with him before he goes to work and I’m rather enjoying honing my egg making skills (I’ve never been able to get those stupid things right).

The sad part of this little barter is the fact that Penny and Mabel won’t actually become a part of our little family for another couple of years…or whenever we actually buy our own house. But every morning, while I’m cooking two non-fresh eggs, I will be thinking longingly of the day when those eggs will have come from two black and white speckled chickens!

(Me!? Dramatic!? I think not!)


One comment on “Two Black and White Speckled Chickens

  1. Amber
    October 15, 2013

    Love this! We have 3 chickens but they’re not speckled and I just told Paul last week “I want some speckled chickens!” 🙂

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