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Family Photos

Let’s see…it’s been three years, I think, since we’ve taken family photos (do you call them “family photos” when it’s just two of you?). So, it was about time. And the Mister could tell you how anxious I’ve been about making sure we get them done! And thankfully, we did…before it decided to get cold and nasty outside. And Dennis was such a good sport about it even though he hates taking pictures!


Demi also did pretty good, even though she was overly excited about being outside, riding in the truck, and about the fact that Carm had come to play with her…because why else would anyone come over!?


And since Carm was now mentioned, I must now give her credit for these lovely photos. And for working with us and making it SO easy. Because the husband HATES taking pictures, I told Carm that I wanted simple, easy, quick…not a lot of poses and stuff. And she managed to get quite a few good shots even without all the fancy poses (and in spite of a squirming pup). It is lovely having a photographer in the family! 🙂


And what a beautiful day it was! The perfect fall day in my opinion! The sun was shining and it wasn’t at all cold. If only it could be like that for another month or so!


Also included in the pictures, Dennis’s cool, new/old truck. How could we NOT use that for a prop!? And the pictures will look perfect in my orange and blue living room!


Demi is always willing to give kisses when asked, which made for some rather cute pictures. 🙂


And that is us in the year 2013.


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