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Grandpa Miller

  • Hard work
  • Faithful service
  • Strength
  • Forgiveness

These are some of the things included in the legacy Ura Miller will be leaving behind. These are the things that I will remember about my Grandpa and the things that I will try to carry on.

wpid-img_20131024_063416_150Grandpa Miller is a good man. He made many mistakes, but he always did his best to serve the God he loves. He led quietly, by example, and I learned so much from watching him. He was never the kind of person to talk about his feelings, but I never questioned whether he loved me or not.

Going through this time, knowing that another loved one is on his way to Heaven…I keep thinking about how blessed I am. Blessed to have been able to live so close to all four of my grandparents for 21 years. Blessed to have had family birthday parties and family Christmas’s. Blessed to have had sleepovers at Grandpa’s and picnics all together. Blessed to have had all of them at every single school event. I had the best cheering squad ever!

Death sucks. Cancer sucks. And it sucks to see a loved one go through what Grandpa is going through. But I am so thankful that I know where he is going and I know he will have no more pain.

Revelation 21:4 He  will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither  shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things  have passed away.”

Now, if I could ask those of you who read this to pray…please pray for Grandpa, that he wouldn’t have much pain and that he could go soon. Please pray for Katie, as she watches her husband of five years die and as she so faithfully takes care of him. Please pray for my mom and my uncles as they take care of their dad and have to make decisions. And please pray for the rest of the family as we try to support our parents/spouses and as we morn for our Grandpa/father-in-law. Thank you!


2 comments on “Grandpa Miller

  1. Lee, Delores Miller
    October 24, 2013

    Love Hugs and Prayers coming your way.

  2. Jo Yoder
    October 24, 2013

    So sad for all of you…my heart cries especially for Katie because she has been through this before and it just doesn’t seem fair…but God delights in turning our mourning into dancing, and I believe that He has a beautiful plan EVEN in this.
    Your Grandpa has become a special part of our church family. His faithful service to His Lord has been an inspiration. We miss him every time he’s not in “his” spot on that right-side bench toward the front. We are praying for him, for Katie, for his children, and for all involved. May the God of all comfort give you peace.

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