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Saying Goodbye

I’ve always hated goodbyes. I remember when the Mister and I were dating, when it came time to say goodbye, I cried…a lot. One trip in particular involved me flying from Atlanta to Pittsburgh. There were a lot of people staring that day.

And when it was time to say goodbye to the South and all the people in it…yeah, I think I scared a few people during that time.

Not all goodbyes are quite that tear inducing, but I still don’t like them. I am often thinking about how I wish all the people I love and all of my friends could just live in one place. But, sadly, goodbyes are a part of this fallen world.

I just finished saying goodbye for the last time to Grandpa Miller. That final goodbye is the hardest one ever! Death is so hard to comprehend. I walk into Grandpa’s house and all of his things are there, and yet, he’s gone. I even went into his office and pulled out his stamps that I used to play with when I was little. It feels so odd…almost sacred.

Death creates holes. Holes in our hearts that will never be filled by anyone else. But God somehow manages to make those holes feel not quite as sharp and deep…He slowly fills them up with His love and His peace. God is pretty cool like that.

So, I will lean on Him and focus on the many, many good memories. Like when Grandpa and Katie stopped in at my house in South Carolina and when I was little and sat on Grandpa’s lap begging him to read me one more story. Memories of our many Christmas’s spent together, when Grandpa officiated our wedding and our last picnic with Grandpa before he passed away. There are too many memories to list and they are all so very precious.

Dear Grandpa…
I miss you but am, oh, so thankful that you aren’t in pain any more. I love the vision I have of you singing before the throne with all of the people you used to love to listen to.
Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years. For prayers and wisdom and support and love. Thank you for the values you lived out and the hard work you put in to provide for all of us. You were a good, good man and will be remembered.
Goodbye Grandpa….


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