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my adventures in northern indiana

Snow Storm

It all of a sudden dawned on me that since my blog title includes the phrase “my adventures in Northern Indiana,” I should totally write about the huge snow storm we had a couple of weeks ago! It’s rather shocking that I didn’t even think of that little adventure! Well, I’ll tell it now:

I worked Saturday, January 1st and all anyone could talk about was the big storm that was coming! We wondered if we would need to close early and we wondered if we would be open on Monday. The suspense was enough to drive me crazy and the excitement made me feel like I was in school again, hoping for a snow day.

Well, the snow didn’t start Saturday and we didn’t have to close early. Sunday morning came and we eagerly looked out our windows. I believe Dennis exclaimed something about this being a puny snowstorm. It had snowed, but it wasn’t what we were expecting of the great snow storm. And even though the roads weren’t the easiest to travel, they weren’t bad enough to keep us home…because we do live in Northern Indiana and it takes A LOT more snow to keep us home here then it did in South Carolina. 😉

Dennis and I got ready for Church and off we went. We didn’t realize until we passed two Churches that had no cars in the parking lot that Churches were actually cancelling. Our ministers opted for a shorter service instead of complete cancelation which was just as much fun in my opinion!

On the way home from Church, the snow began. And it snowed and snowed and snowed some more. There were actually driving bans in our county on Monday…non-emergency vehicles would get fined if caught on the road! I grew up in North Western Pennsylvania and don’t remember that ever happening, so it was pretty serious stuff!  The building I work in (the amazing Davis Mercantile) was closed Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday!

I would love to tell you how many inches of snow we had, but it drifted so bad, I have no idea! In some places, the grass was showing and in other places it was as high as 3 feet! I am able to tell you, though, that it got down to -16 at one point and the wind chill made it downright awful!

Dennis and I were pretty much stuck eating frozen pizza and other such lovely food since I hadn’t time to go to the grocery store before the storm and that was getting pretty low before I was finally able to get out.

But the real adventure was inside. See, we had just brought home an English Bulldog puppy the Friday after Christmas and he was still very much learning where to…GO! And one of those nice 3 foot drifts parked itself right in front of our back door…the very door the dogs usually go out of. And it was -20-something (with wind chill) so neither of us wanted to go shovel. So, we decided the dogs could go out the front door. And this dear, cute little puppy also, at this point, thought he had to go every 5 minutes, so every 5 (if we were lucky, 10) minutes, one of us had to go outside and stand there with the little dude. Thankfully, it never took him long!

I believe that pretty much sums up the great snow storm of 2014.

And, I will admit that I loved every second of it! Being snowed in with my favorite person, my dogs and good coffee…what’s not to love!?

So…who wants to move North!? 😉


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