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my adventures in northern indiana

To Have Winter Blue’s, or to Not?

Snow, snow and more snow! We have been dumped on! I believe we have now experienced five snow storms with a sixth possible this weekend! There are piles of it along the road that are higher then my car! It’s just plain crazy!

Now, I am a strong believer that happiness is a choice and I was determined when we moved to Indiana, that I would choose to be happy during the winter months. I was not going to let a little snow make me whine or turn blue or anything like that. Well, now I need to apologize to all those who live in the North, because I’m pretty sure God said “ha! She thinks she’s got this figured out!? Well, watch this!”

Okay, well, I don’t actually believe He would do something like that, but I do think He might be chuckling at me right now because it has gotten extremely hard to choose to enjoy ALL this white stuff! And what’s even harder is these horribly cold temps we keep having .

But I really am trying! I count my blessings over and over and pull out my camera to see snow’s beauty through the lens. And snuggle my puppies (and my hubby) and drink yummy coffee and read lovely books and record memories… Winter really is good for many things. It makes me slow down and enjoy the small things that I wish to enjoy during the summer months.

So, I will take a deep breath, list my blessings one more time, and make the choice [again] to see the good that is winter! Oh, look! It’s snowing again! 😉


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