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My Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I already gave you a glimpse of what Mother’s Day is like for me, but now I want to tell you what yesterday was like.

20140512-094653.jpgIt was an amazingly special day. Dennis had to teach Sunday School, but he had something special planned so we left right after that. We came home, put on our amazing motorcycle riding gear (which may or may not have included neon yellow leggings!) and hopped on the bike. Dennis had made plans to ride to a town about two hours away; but in typical Miller fashion, we got hungry, saw a good place to eat and stopped early!

We had an amazing meal at an Irish restaurant and we enjoyed just sitting and talking and looking at the beautiful landscape they had around the restaurant.

Other then that, my day didn’t have much amazing to offer and yet so many amazing, little things happened! I got notes, texts, flowers, gifts, hugs and so much love from friends and family near and far. Knowing that I was thought of made a hard day not


quite so hard, and for that I thank all of you.


Now today I shall do a small bit of cleaning…just enough to get by! Watch our lawn grow (I was planning on cutting it, for that is long over due! But rain has come, so it shall grow longer instead). Work on a project that includes pictures my Grandma Miller took. Nurse my sun burned husband (sun screen is important when riding a motorcycle!). And generally enjoy my unexpected day off!


I hope all of you had a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day…whether you are Mothers to your own children or whether you mother in a “different” way. And for those who are struggling with infertility, I pray that all your dreams will someday come true. But even more then that, I pray that you may be able to find meaning and purpose in Him.





One comment on “My Day

  1. Renee Shafer
    May 12, 2014

    Lovely! SO glad you had a happy day!

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