Into the Tundra

my adventures in northern indiana

Being completely honest here…

What do you do when friends disappoint you? When people hurt you? When everything inside of you screams to trust no one? To guard yourself? To hide?

What do you do when you put yourself completely into something only to have it flop? How do you deal with such huge feelings of disappointment and hurt?

These are some of the questions I’m asking myself today. My very hormonal, very sleep deprived self is having a really hard time dealing with many, many different feelings.

And I very badly want to feel sorry for myself!

I’ve prayed and prayed.

I listen for the still, small voice, but it seems extra still and small right now.

Wisdom. I need His wisdom. And yet all I can focus on are my emotions.

But people are simply human…they mess up and make mistakes.

Jesus was hurt so much worse then I have ever been or ever will be and yet, He gave his life for the ones who hurt him.

Can I be like Jesus?

Oh, Lord, make me more like you! Give me Your heart. Help me see people through Your eyes. Help me forgive. And love. And offer grace. Use this to mold me.


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