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I am not a fan of cooking.

I don’t hate cooking, but I also don’t enjoy it.

My kind of cooking would come from a cook book titled “5 Ingredients or Less & under 30 minutes!”


And with it being just Dennis and I, it is so very, very easy for us to just go out to eat.

So easy….and pretty fun too!

Plus I work 3-4 days a week and one of the many things my mother trained me (and one of the few that actually stuck!) was to have supper ready when the husband gets home. That’s a little hard to do when the husband gets home before the wife!

^Yes that is an excuse, and yes it is a poor one.

But for numerous reasons (of which I will not bore you), I am really trying to work on this whole cooking thing.

Well, okay, I’ll tell you one reason…because it makes me sound so good! Cooking is healthier! I know! You never would have guessed! But it is! And we are trying to be healthier. So, I’m cooking. Good, home cooked meals (Of course, we won’t mention the fact that half of my menu board has the word “grilled” on it…which really means HE’S cooking!)

Menu board! I spotted this beauty (pictured below) in the building I work in while I was shopping with my mom and sisters. I ooed and awed but really didn’t have the money for it. A couple days later, after I had almost forgotten about it, mom said she would send me my birthday money early if I wanted to use it towards that.


So, my plan is to…plan. And have a lot of grilled things. 😉

But, no, seriously. I AM taking this very seriously. I am going to cook! Often. Most of the time, really. And I’m even praying that God makes it something I learn to enjoy.

Is that dumb?

Praying that I will learn to enjoy cooking? Well, even if it is dumb, I’m doing it! It really would be a miracle if cooking became something I enjoyed!

Now…I really must go make supper.

Wish me luck!



2 comments on “Confession:

  1. Christy
    June 10, 2014

    I am so with you on your favorite wish-it-would-actually-exist cookbook. I think it’s perfectly understandable for you not to feel like cooking when you get home from work. 🙂 One of my favorite go-tos is tacos. You can make a big batch of hamburger seasoned with taco seasoning and add beans then freeze it in 1lb. packages. Use it for tacos, haystacks, baked potatoes, and taco salad. A similar idea is to season and grill a bunch of chicken for fajitas and use in the same way or use for Southwest salads.

    • mrsmiller714
      June 10, 2014

      That is a BRILLIANT idea, Christy! I’m going to have to do that! Thank you!

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