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A Few of my Favorite Things…

Nestled in my slightly drab kitchen between winter boots (that really could be put away for a couple more months) and my stepping stool is a curio cabinet. This cabinet isn’t any old cabinet. It has history and meaning and significance. See, when I was around 15, my Grandma Miller started giving my sister and I special gifts. Antique dishes! They were dainty and pretty and the fact that she started giving ME some made me feel special.

DSC_0006Soon, she had given enough that my wood working father thought my sister and I each needed a safe place to put them. I know Kristen got hers first, but other then that, I can’t remember off hand how old I was when my curio cabinet was made. Although, I know if I could manage to pull it away from the wall, the date and “Joel Mast”would be written on the back.

After we had received our individual curio cabinets, Grandma thought it was her duty to fill them for us, so every chance she got, we received more porcelain gifts. Christmas’s and Birthday’s and special events and sometimes just because she got something new for herself and needed a spot to put it. 🙂

I have a picture in a scrapbook somewhere of how I had it arranged back then. It was full. And over the years, many of those things (most of my collection was tea cups) have gone out of style for me. Some I gave to my younger sisters because Grandma didn’t have time to fill their collections as much. But my dear curio cabinet has evolved into what I lovingly call “my treasure chest” where a vast collection of different things resides. To anyone else, these things would just look like an odd collection of knick knacks, but to me they are things that I worry about loosing in a fire…or my mind automatically jumps to when the husband says “let’s sell everything and live off the land!” 🙂

DSC_0009But because I’m feeling slightly sentimental, I thought I would share some of these things and their significance.

My Grandma Mast collected these bird figurines for years. I remember when I was little, all of us cousins would stand around her china cabinet and pick out our favorites. She always said that eventually she would give us each one. I was thrilled to get the robin, my favorite bird…a sign of Spring (aka: hope! :p).

DSC_0010I have a couple of the teacups that Grandma Miller gave me when I was younger. I didn’t keep them all because it was slightly unpractical, but I did pick out my favorites and even use them on occasion. I love the hand painted detail on this one. And of course, if it’s from Grandma Miller, it’s antique!

DSC_0011Old books is another thing that graces my treasure chest. But not just any old books! One was the Bible Story book my Grandma Miller used to read to my Mom and her brothers. I also have a couple books that were my Great Aunt Mary’s. And a Beatrix Potter book that the same amazing Aunt gave me when I was little.

Also, can’t forget my turtle collection. When I was little, someone gave me a stuffed turtle because the tag said it’s name was Shelly. That made me declare that I was collecting turtles. From then on, I was gifted with turtles on every occasion by multiple people. And I had to name and display every single one! I don’t have near all of them displayed, but I had to put out a couple of my favorites. And, yes, I do remember all of their names! 🙂 (That’s Chip in the picture! Named thus because he has a chip on his foot. :))

DSC_0013This is an original painting given to me by my lovely sister-in-law, Carrie, for my birthday last year. Isn’t it beautiful!? She amazes me. She will be a famous painter one day, I’m sure of it! 🙂 But even if she’s not, this is a treasure.

And the words that changed my life. How many girls can say that they have their proposals framed!? The way Dennis proposed to me wasn’t anything over the top (flash mob, anyone!? :p), but it was so amazing and so romantic and so perfect for me! (It included a four wheeler for Pete’s DSC_0015sake!) And I LOVE that I get to keep his question with me forever.

I could post many more photos of many more special treasures, including a teapot from a far-away friend, a mini-scrapbook that hold the photos my Grandma Miller took of my life, a music box that was the last gift my Grandma’s sister gave her before that sister went to heaven, my Great-Grandma’s milk pitcher, a cake stand I bought for our wedding, and a few more turtles with names like Tikki and Sebastian. But if you want to see more, you’ll just have to come over some time and I’ll show you. 🙂 I’ll even make you a pot of tea and serve it in an antique tea cup!



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