Into the Tundra

my adventures in northern indiana

An update on life

Let’s see…what new has happened in the life of dear, little me?

Oh yeah…90% of my family left me! 🙂

Carmen is officially settled in at Hillcrest. I believe she has many interesting stories, but she’s saving them for the perfect moment to share them. 🙂

Dana, Violet and Carrie (with the help of Dana’s parents, Harvey and LeAnna) made the trek down to South Carolina on Tuesday, which just so happened to be the day before my BIRTHDAY!!! Which is such a great crime, I may have a hard time forgiving them for that.

DSC_0168Once again, God has provided for them in SO many ways that it is utterly amazing. One of those ways was Carrie’s jobs. She wanted to get back in to cleaning down there, and since she still had the contact information from the ladies her and Carmen cleaned before they moved to The Tundra, she mailed them all a letter. The last I heard, she had nine jobs (is that right, Car?)! NINE JOBS! Before they had even moved! And she already knows all of these people! That just proves once again that God cares about the little things in our lives.

And, yes, I had a birthday. I have officially been on this earth for 28 years. That seems like entirely too many, but I guess it’s right (I’m pretty bad at math, so I just believe what they tell me :p). Between coffee/breakfast with dear friends, buying a bunch of new clothes for the cruise (I need to go on a cruise every year just for the excuse to buy new clothes!), and Dennis taking me out for sushi, I had an absolutely lovely day.

To those who have prayed for us through this whole change thing (have I mentioned I hate change!?), I thank you. It has been difficult, although, not as difficult for me this time as it was the first time they left me (yeah, I don’t take this personal, or anything). I know that God has amazing things in store for all of us, and while I am sad that they aren’t just around the corner anymore, I am excited to see what He has in store for all of us. And I am SO thankful for texts, facebook, instagram, snapchat, voxer…all that crazy technology stuff that can so easily get in the way of living real life has become so much more handy since the majority my family now lives in other states.

And I think I shall end this update now. It’s already entirely too crazy that I posted twice in ONE day! I simply can’t handle it. Now I’ll have to wait at least two months!



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