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Some of my thoughts on the Amish…

I live smack, dab right in the middle of Amish country. I deal with them pretty much every day, so you would think that I would write about that experience more often. But I haven’t.

DSC_0073Honestly, writing about the Amish is something that intimidates me because of all the misconceptions about them. People (as in people who don’t live with them) either think they are horribly awful, or absolute saints and I’ve learned that neither are true.

There is a dark side to the Amish culture that has made me cry out to God on their behalf. I could rant for hours about how awful rumspringa is, but there is also good among the Amish.

There’s the family down the road from us who invited us and Dana’s over for supper. While Carmen and Carrie played tag with their kids, the father asked advise on how to raise his children.

There’s the little daudy (grandpa) who rides his bike over to our house every Christmas to drop off a plate of cookies his wife made for us.

There’s the brothers I heard about who are married and have young children who want desperately to do away with rumspringa in their church.

The children who wave frantically at me every time I pass them with grins so big it looks like their faces might split.

DSC_0154In the end, the Amish are just people who are trying the best they can to serve the God they love. Not all are where they should be, but we can say that about every religion.

And on the flip side, the Amish are FAR from the picture that has been painted to some of the people who visit our little town. Like the lady who told me, “I just love visiting here! You’re people are so holy and I can just feel it when I drive into town.”

Oh, dear…

If she knew, she would be horrified at just how “holy” “my people” really are.

My point is simply this, no person (or group of people) deserves to be held up on such a high pedestal. There was only one perfect person and He is the only one who deserves to be held at such a height.

Thinking about all the misconceptions of the Amish and how frustrated that makes me is a good reminder to me to not judge a book by it’s cover. Or a person/group of people by the TV show, or book, or even by what another person says about them.


One comment on “Some of my thoughts on the Amish…

  1. Vonita
    July 25, 2014

    Love this… So true!

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