Into the Tundra

my adventures in northern indiana

Thoughts on fighting…

If a friend were to ask me how I was right now, I would answer with “good.”

Not great. Not awful. Good.

And good is a good place to be because last week was awful. Worse then awful, really.

Satan attacked Dennis and I and he attacked hard. We fought and fought and finally stopped fighting and allowed God to fight.

Now this week…this week has been good. Filled with little blessings from people who don’t even realize that they’re being used by God to lift us back up and clean us off.

And one thing I keep thinking and praying is: God please use ME to uplift others when they’re fighting a hard battle. Prompt ME to encourage them and help them.

This life is hard sometimes. We’re fighting a battle that sometimes we don’t even realize. And sometimes we completely forget about the people fighting along side of us, and that is sad. Why should we all fight alone when we can join together and help each other?

Why do we hide our discouragement, our hard times, our struggles? Why can’t we allow people to know our hearts and come along side of us and fight with us? Why have we become so independent?

I’m not sure.

I’m just little, ol’ me and I don’t have the answers to the questions swirling in my head. But I will continue asking God to use me.



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