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So, as everyone probably knows, my family just got back from a cruise to Bermuda…thanks to my parents. I have amazing, wonderful, lovely parents. And not just because they gave us all a cruise to Bermuda, but for so many other reasons!

I’m not even sure what all to say about our trip. I’ve said about a million times that it was amazing, and I could say it another million times. It was AMAZING! 🙂

Dennis and I drove out to PA early Saturday morning and then Sunday morning, all of us drove to New Jersey and went through the whole boarding process.

Does anyone else find things like that as stressful as I do!? Security checks and passports and paperwork and so many people! I was very thankful to get that part done and over with.

DSCN1335The boat left New Jersey at 4:00 in the afternoon, and we joined most of the other 2500 guests on deck to watch all the excitement.

The time on the boat was…amazing! 🙂 There was always something to do, or (if you were like me) you could opt out of doing everything and spend time looking at the amazing view that changed constantly, read, relax, spend time thanking the Creator for the beauty that He has blessed us with.

We made many friends (especially my social husband) with both staff and guests. We met so many different people from so many different parts of the world and it was an amazing reminder that there is so much more to like this just my little spot.

We ate absolutely amazing food for every meal. For breakfast, Dennis and I either went to the café for coffee and a pastry, orDSCN1611 we went to the buffet where I usually got fresh fruit and granola. The buffet offered all kinds of different amazing dishes for lunch including things like fish and chip and an Indian lamb dish <my favorite! Supper in the dining room was an awesome experience. Dennis and I had the opportunity to try many dishes that we’ve wanted to try, but never wanted to pay the money for! Things like escargot (yes, that’s snail and, yes, it was good!) and caviar. I only had one thing that I didn’t like the whole week and that was an appetizer, so it wasn’t a big deal. 🙂 Dennis and I are both foodies, we love good food and we love to try new things, so this was definitely a highlight for the both of us.

I already said a little about how much there was to do on the boat. There were musical shows, a comic juggler, live music (four different artist/bands, I think), games, classes, tours, parties…anything and everything. Some of it was fun, and some, quite honestly, we didn’t even think of participating in. But the staff really did a good job of keeping all 2,500 guest entertained during our sea days.

DSCN1549On Wednesday, we docked in Bermuda. Oh, Bermuda. Beautiful Bermuda! Words cannot describe and pictures cannot capture the beauty of that island. Blue, blue water. Palm trees. Bright buildings. Flowers everywhere. Old architecture. It really was amazing. And HOT! Well, not so hot temperature wise, actually. It really only got into the upper 80’s, but it was terribly humid (it is an island, after all). The one evening, after the sun went down, some of us went off the ship. It had cooled down tremendously, but after only a few minutes of walking, we were sticky! It wasn’t always the most pleasant, but it really was worth it.

The whole family got off the boat Wednesday and took a ferry to Saint George’s on the other end of the island. We planned on walking around, seeing some of the cool things Saint George’s has to offer, grabbing a little lunch, and maybe doing some shopping. But because it was so humid, Dennis said that him and I were going to rent a scooter because he knew my asthma wouldn’t make it very long in that humidity. I have to admit that I wasn’t too fond of the idea at first, but it ended up being my favorite day!

It took us awhile to figure Saint George’s out (their maps are confusing!) plus Dennis had to get used to driving on the “wrong” DSCN1605side of the road. It’s all rather humorous now! 🙂 We stopped at a perfumery, stumbled upon a sign that pointed the way to one of the old forts, and then drove past the “unfinished church” about six times because we couldn’t figure out where we were supposed to go! 🙂 We ate lunch at Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy…after trying to explain Mennonite to the outgoing little girl running the cash register, we ate THE most amazing fish sandwich EVER! We did a tiny bit of shopping and then decided instead of leaving the scooter in Saint George’s, we would drive it back to The Dockyard. We asked a local who said it should take us about an hour, but we made a wrong turn once so it took us a little longer. It was so much fun seeing that much of the island, though. We got to see houses and lots of beaches and people. It was really fun and I would highly suggest that if you ever get the chance to go, rent a scooter!

On our second day in Bermuda, Dad and Chris went helmet diving, which I’m kind of wishing I would have done now! They went out to a reef not far from where our boat was docked. Put on these weird looking helmets that fed them oxygen and were weighted enough that they could walk on the ocean floor (I think I’m getting this right). They were able to pet/hold different fish DSCN1628and got to see many really cool things. It really sounds amazing!

While they were doing that, us ladies went shopping in Hamleton and had an amazing time finding lots of treasures. My best find for the day was a Japanese style, cast iron tea pot. I love tea and I’ve wanted one of these for a long time, but they’re expensive, so I’ve been putting it off. Well, what better time to spend the money then when you’re on vacation!? :p

And while we were doing all of those things, Dennis spent the day on the scooter again! 🙂

Friday was our last day in Bermuda. The ship was going to disembark at 4:00, so we had to make sure we were back in time. So we all planned to just walk around The Dockyard. I really shouldn’t say “just,” though. The Dockyard is historical and has many old building and cool things to see. It also, now has a bunch of shops, a mini mall and a glass blowing place.

Dennis and I really enjoyed walking around that morning. We bought a few last souvenirs, watched some glass blowing, satDSCN1695 and took in the view, and generally enjoyed our last moments in Bermuda.

Our last sea day was very relaxing for me. I spent a couple hours in the morning on one of the quiet decks, talking to my Father, reading and enjoying the ocean. That time was another highlight for me. Somehow, having that amazing beauty all around me made me feel a little closer to Him.

There are so many other little details I could share, so very many things happened, but I’ll spare you and just say this yet: I LOVED this experience! I would go back next week if I could! And if you ever have the chance to go, DO!

Thanks again, Mom and Dad!  We really can’t thank you enough!



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