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Happy Birthday

Today is my husband’s birthday. Today he has lived twenty-nine years.

And today I can’t help but think about the difference between where we planned to be this year, and where we really are.

When we got married seven and a half years ago (at the ripe age of twenty and twenty-one), we had this whole plan for how our lives would go.


For one thing, we were in South Carolina to stay. We would at some point buy a nice house and live there with our family for a really, really long time.

And family…Yeah, we had that all planned out too. After being married for two years, we would get pregnant with our first child. Two years because we wanted some time to get used to each other and have fun without kids. Two years is a good amount of time, right?

And then we wanted  to have them pretty close together, for a couple reasons. 1: So that they would be close in age and 2: So that we would have them all before we were thirty.

Oh, yes…And we were going to have three. I can’t remember the reasons behind the number three now, but we had them.

So, basically, if everything would have gone as planned, we would be living in a beautiful house in South Carolina (no one would have moved away from us). We would have  three children today and our oldest would be almost five.


The obvious differences are the facts that we live in Northern Indiana and have no children. But in amongst those things are all kinds of tiny differences that are such blessings.

Things like: if no one had moved out of South Carolina, Russ and Sara wouldn’t have been found. We wouldn’t have met all of our new friends. We’ve seen God work in our lives in ways that wouldn’t have happened if everything had gone as planned. I wouldn’t be working at the cutest, little toy store of all time.

If we would have three kids right now…life would be so different, so good, but so different. And God has used that to draw us closer to him…so many times, in so many ways.


Sometimes, God makes a different plan for us. He smiles at our neat, little, comfortable plans and says “but I have something bigger, and better and more exciting planned for you.”

Parts of his plan may be hard, but he is able to use those things to make us so much better then we would have been otherwise.

So, I want to wish my fellow planner, fellow adventurer, my best friend a Happy Birthday. I am ever so thankful that part of God’s plan for my life was you. I’m excited to see what He has planned for us from here on!

I love you.


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