Into the Tundra

my adventures in northern indiana

The Name

So, if you haven’t been around since the beginning of this blog, you may be wondering what the name (Into the Tundra means), so I’ll give you a quick run down….

See, I grew up in NorthwesternPennsylvania, up where the snow flies. And it was very well known that I did not appriciate the snow and cold. In 2007, I married Dennis who was living in South Carolina at the time. I liked to joke that I married him just to get out of the cold. But then my in-laws started feeling like God wanted them to move away from South Carolina and in 2011, they moved to Northern Indiana. After they moved, I jokingly referred to Indiana and Pennsylvania as “the tundra.” Dennis and I stuck around South Carolina for a year, the whole time declaring that we would never move away. Well, it seems God had other plans and He started a chain of events that was actually pretty amazing. And since they were so amazing, I started this blog to share about them. So, if you missed those posts, you can go to the beginning of my blog and read away (and I will post a link to them when I have access to our laptop). Happy reading and thanks for visiting this humble blog.


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