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Christmas ponderings

Ah, Christmas. Wonderful Christmas.

Christmas  has always been my favorite time of year. There’s just something magical about it. And it’s more then just the exchanging of gifts that makes it so. Although, I am a fan of gifts, so it really does add to the magic for me.

Christmas always takes me back to my childhood. Back when Christmas lights shining in the dark with snow falling softly seemed so amazing. When we spent hours trying to guess what our gifts were. When we decorated cookies together, and tried to see just how many sprinkles we could get on one cookie. When we gathered around the table with aunts and uncles and cousins and enjoyed food our grandmother’s spent hours preparing. When we thought we couldn’t hardly wait one more second to open gifts…

Christmas memories are so precious to me now that Grandma and Grandpa are gone. Both of my Grandmothers, and my mom, worked so hard to make every Christmas special. I don’t remember every single gift I received, but I do remember feeling very loved.

And of course, making good memories with our families is amazing, but there is so much more to Christmas then even that.

I know I will probably never completely comprehend Christ’s gift that he gave on the first Christmas, but I’ve become more aware of it lately and the hugeness leaves me in awe. Nothing we will ever give or receive will ever compare to His gift.

So, this Christmas, know that the effort you put in to making it special is not being wasted. And in midst of making new memories, let’s make an effort to acknowledge the gift God has given us.

Merry Christmas.







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